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Críochnaithe! Finished! Semestero completo!

A warm breeze was blowing the day before yesterday. The sun shone with a bit of hope, and young cheerful students poured out of their dark corners and started playing frisbee on the DCU green and pretending to have fun. Summer must have arrived. My

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Project Euler #135 & #136 Postmortem

I've been doing some Project Euler problems in the past few days, and regained my proud position in the top 20 in Ireland. I'm currently in joint 18th place, with a noble 98 problems solved. So close to that magic 100. My most recent conquests

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Project Euler

I've been posting a fair bit about Project Euler recently, because I've been doing quite a lot of it. But now it feels like it's been worth it; yesterday morning I achieved my Project Euler target of catching up to Conor Griffin & being the

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