Críochnaithe! Finished! Semestero completo!

A warm breeze was blowing the day before yesterday. The sun shone with a bit of hope, and young cheerful students poured out of their dark corners and started playing frisbee on the DCU green and pretending to have fun. Summer must have arrived.

My exams in a week's time are the only thing standing between me and being finished the first year of my degree. It's been a crazily busy year; this blog post will be an attempt to wrap it all up. I was pipped to the post in writing an end-of-year article by Cian Ruane, but mine will be different. While he offered advice to the future years of hopefuls, I can't even give myself advice.

Here's a rundown of what's been happening lately. Each item should probably be its own article, but I'm too much of a slacker for that.

In general, I've learned an immeasurable amount this year, and particularly this semester, both about the art of computerbreaking, and just generally being me. More importantly, it's shown me just how much I don't know about either. I've tried this year to take on board some advice I've found around the internet (mostly from late night lurks on Quora). I've started doing some weird things, like brushing my teeth with my left hand to improve my ambidexterity, but also some really genuinely useful things, like keeping a Trello board with all of my to-do list (which will be a topic of a future blog post, no doubt). I made an effort to keep a journal for a while, and figured out that it just wasn't for me (although I will probably try it again in the future). I've started a policy of trying out anything that is recommended to me three times, be it a particular book (Pólya's 'How to Solve It' is on my watchlist now), or a certain habit (like those few mentioned above). I've also started thinking about things like metacognition, which, while covered in last semester's lectures by John McKenna, isn't something most of those around me take all that seriously. Oh well! It seems like it's worth trying at.

This semester I've figured out, to some extent, who I want to be; now it's just a case of getting there. I think that the getting there is probably the hard part.

I'm also finally starting to accept the fact that I take myself way too seriously sometimes.

Oh well.

Nos da,

Noah xoxo

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