Christmas is over, the wintry skies are still dark, but a new semester has started.


Last weekend I was in Brussels for fosdem 2016, with Redbrick. It was a really incredible weekend. Delirium Nocturnum was great (Tremens less so imho), absinthe led to great things, and my laptop was stolen. My poor, poor wee Thinkpad. It will be sorely missed. I'm already pining over replacements, but I'm not going to let myself buy one for the time being. I have some interesting ideas around using a RasPi as a portable computer that I'd like to at least try. FOSDEM was still great anyway, despite my mishap. I got to practise my French (I'd've been lost if I didn't know the word 'voler'), I got to check out some really cool talks, and I came back with a reinvigorated passion for FOSS.

This semester will be busy. We've already started getting our act together for our project, Feedlark. It's an RSS aggregator that will analyse your usage and sort your feed by how likely you are to be interested in an article. That is, it applies the algorithm that Twitter were lambasted for considering this past few days. :)

Redbrick's Tech Week is on the horizon, along with the Hash Code, Openet's coding competition, and the All Ireland Programming Olympiad (that I'm helping out with a little bit!). There are a few other events over the next while I'm to go to, and my 100minds to sort out; no rest for the wicked.

But I'm very excited to get going.

Bonne chance,


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