The DCU CPSSD site is a wee bit of a shambles.

You can ignore the many typos and spelling mistakes; they can be breezed over.

You can ignore the dense text and formal language; that's necessary for the sort of site it is.

But what you can't ignore, is the fact that there's no context to any of it. It mentions all about the course, but it doesn't show you anywhere what that translates to in the real world. You get to see the module choices, and the entrance requirements, but you don't get to see what it's like to be in CPSSD.

Spurred by the fancy new DCU data science course website, I made a wee unofficial website: cpssd.net.

It's open source, built using a theme called Emerald, on Jekyll, and it is hosted on Github pages.

It can be edited by anyone who submits a PR with something relevent. All of the content on the site is put together by the young'uns on the course. It's more informal, more dynamic, and a little bit nicer looking maybe.

Now I just need to get its SEO together, keep adding content (maybe a video, who knows), and get it ratified by DCU so it doesn't need to say "unofficial" in big letters at the top.

The lecturer seemed fairly positive about it happening anyway.

At the very least, using a tool as mature and fully-featured as Jekyll was nice. My own blog is currently a lo-fi Golang static site generator.

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Noah xoxox

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